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Note : Please ensure you have one of the following documents ready for identity verification : passport, drivers licence or medicare card.
Number details
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Authority to port (transfer) your mobile phone number to Kogan Mobile

Please indicate that you agree to the following terms:

Some things to know about bringing your number to Kogan Mobile:
  • To bring your existing number to Kogan Mobile, the details you provide to us need to be the same as the details registered with your current provider.

  • If these details do not match, your current provider WILL NOT be able to release the mobile number for porting to Kogan Mobile. We are unable to validate this information for you. If you are unsure it is a good idea to check these details before proceeding.

  • If you choose to bring your existing number to Kogan Mobile, number transfers are usually completed within 24 hours.

    • Porting Operates

      Monday to Friday: 08:00 to 20:00 AEST/AEDT

    • Saturdays: 10:00 to 18:00 AEST/AEDT

    • Sundays and certain public holidays: Not available

    • Your service will be active once the Port In is complete

    • If we are unable to Port your number we will advise you by email.

See the frequently asked questions for more detail on what to expect. Click here

You will receive a port validation SMS that you will need to reply to, please keep your original SIM card in your phone to allow receiving of this SMS.

Porting your number can take up to 24 business hours, but usually occurs sooner. Your old service will be automatically disconnected.